I know that my blog has been all doom and gloom over the past couple weeks. I’m almost done though, I swear. I hope that this is the last sad post I have to make. You’ve been warned about this one though.

4048798794_e4418b814fWhen we last left our heroes, they had just been in a car accident. Shaken but otherwise OK, we made our way home. Juno seemed a little out of it that day. She moved around and we got her to eat, but she just didn’t seem herself. I was somewhat worried that she might be coming down with what Drizzle had, but she was at least eating which was a big difference. I did some research and found that cat depression is a somewhat common occurrence when a cat loses a companion as Juno did when her sister passed away earlier this week. The symptoms matched up perfectly too. Plus, the vet had just given Juno a clean bill of health on Thursday.

Saturday came and went. Juno was still a little out of it. We grew more concerned. Maybe it wasn’t the depression. Sunday night came and Juno hadn’t eaten. We gave her some water through a straw just to make sure she got something and made plans to bring her to the vet in the morning. That night she threw up a few times. Now all signs were pointing to the same thing that Drizzle had.

Monday morning finally arrived after what seemed like an eternity. Monica took Juno in to the vet and the prognosis was not good. She had the same thing that Drizzle did. Even with the vaccination we got for her on Thursday, her immune system was compromised. The bouncy kitten that we had taken home didn’t want to move anymore. There was nothing more we could do for her. Monica had her put down too.

Lori had come down to be with Monica and Juno while all this went on. She was a great comfort. None of us could believed that any of this could actually happen. I mean, here we were less than two weeks after picking up two kittens full of life and now they’re both gone and all we have to show for it is a large vet bill and a handful of pictures.

It took me awhile to finally write this out. I couldn’t bring myself to write it on Monday with everything going on. Monica was an emotional wreck but I just didn’t have many tears left. It’s like a small part of me was prepared for Juno’s loss after Drizzle. I loved both of the kittens and I’m still very sad about what happened.

We’ve talked about it a bit and we’d like to eventually get another kitten or two. Unfortunately the way this virus works and lives, it could take up to a year for it to die out in the apartment. Even if we clean all of the kittens’ things, they were everywhere so we wouldn’t fully destroy the virus. I’m going to see if there’s any hope if we were to get kittens that were already vaccinated well before coming to live here. Either way, it’s not something we’re going to do right away.

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