OK. Check this out. I want you to watch this. You’ve probably seen it already, but watch this.

This video has almost 28 million views on YouTube right now. One of those millions of views hit someone at The Office as this past week we saw this:

I think this is awesome. Yes, there have been bits and pieces of stuff from YouTube that has floated into network Television (the Star Wars kid spoof in Arrested Development is the first and funniest that comes to mind) but I think this is so great. Television shows have spoofed and made jokes at all these aspects of pop culture from movies to radio to commercials and now the Internet is making this influence and with user generated content no less! So seriously, does anyone want to sponsor my wedding? I’ll do something like this if someone wants to sponsor it. No joke.

In other news, this should be a further kick in the ass for myself to actually film something.

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