Yes, today is September 11th and yes some horrible shit happened on this day 8 years ago. However, this day was, is and will always mean something else to me. It’s my Mom’s birthday. When I tell people that, they always seem to have this sudden grave expression on their face like they’re ready to say “Oh, I’m so sorry.” It was her birthday first, you know.

The 9/11 attacks happened when I was a senior in high school. When the one year anniversary of the attacks came around, I was a freshman in college. The RD called all of the freshmen in the dorm together thinking that some of us would freak out or something because of what happened a year before. He asked us to go around the room and say what we planned to do on the anniversary of his horrible tragedy on American soil. People said they were just going to sit and think or they would attend a candlelight vigil or volunteer or something. Then it got to me and I said exactly what I was going to do. “Well, it’s my Mom’s birthday so she’s coming up and I’m going to take her out to lunch.”

That was it. I left it at that. Then I realized that everyone was giving me these looks that basically said “…And?” so I tossed in “Oh and maybe go to a vigil or something.” I never did go to that vigil.

My Mom’s coming down to my new apartment on Sunday to visit and to check out the Sleepy Hollow Street fair. No vigils are currently planned.


Happy Birthday Mom!

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