So after a month, Dara and Tim got married….again. The first one was on the beach and it was great and very fun. This second one was in NY in the scenic Orange County Arboretum which I had no idea existed even though it’s about 15 minutes from where I grew up. Monica met up with the other ladies of the bridal party to get her hair done, so I had some time to kill. Originally I was just going to go back to my parents’ house and watch a DVD, heading over to the wedding around 2 (still a few hours before everything was supposed to start). Those plans changed after I called Dara to confirm the address of Monica’s hair thing and learned that she needed some help setting up. So, the good “brother” I am, I head over there to lend a hand.

I diligently put out tablecloths and set out chairs and swatted away a horde of flies and hung out bows and ate a cupcake (I earned it). Then just as I finished (I was left alone as Dara and her Mom needed to go get other stuff) some of the guys arrived and more stuff needed doing. We finished getting everything set up at around 3 or 3:30 with time left to spare. This entire time the sun was beating down on us. It was hot.

Then after the guys had all changed into our somewhat uniform white button down shirts and khakis (making us look like an all-white version of Boyz II Men), the clouds started rolling in and the sky got dark. The ladies arrived and we all lined up to start walking down the aisle. I figured that everyone was going to hurry to get this done in an effort to beat the rain.

The ceremony began and no rain came down. The ceremony continued and still no rain. Then, Dara’s sister got up to read a traditional Cherokee poem. The first line of the poem was “You will feel no rain.” Then some drizzling began. Fortunately that was all the water that came down for the rest of the day. Those clouds just kept moving along. I couldn’t see much of the ceremony from my vantage point though. I was on the end, the farthest from where all the action was and we were lined up in a straight line, not fanned out or anything, so I just kind of looked at the backs of the other guys in the bridal party. I got the gist of it though.

After the ceremony was over, we all walked back down and over to the tent where food was served. The newlyweds came out and danced.


Tim is my kind of dancer: sort of awkward. Monica pulled me on the dance floor and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t quite get it right. She kept telling me I was moving too fast or too slow or turning too much. Finally I just picked her up and swayed back and forth. There. Now she was close enough and we weren’t turning. Happy?


The rest of the evening went by quickly. I had a few more cupcakes (they were fantastic) and we finally got a picture with Dara and Tim. I had thought about saying a toast of sorts, but I didn’t find time to do so throughout the evening. No big deal though. The couple knows they’re awesome and I’m incredibly happy for them. Plus I just devoted this whole blog post all to them!

The rest of the pictures can be found on Flickr.

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