I was in the city on Wednesday for a panel on Social Media hosted by Agency Bootcamp. The panel was pretty good and I picked up a few business cards and what not. I met a rept from a site for lunch and then I had some time to kill. Since I was in Times Square, I figured I’d walk through Toys R Us and Midtown Comics. On my way to one of those, I was approached by one of those sidewalk vendors that was handing crap out. I wasn’t offered a fan or a city tour. This woman said “Excuse me sir. Do you like standup comedy?”

Now what the hell kind of question is that? At first, I wasn’t even sure she was talking to me. Then I turned and saw that she was looking right at me. So without missing a beat and with all the seriousness of a cancer patient, I reply “No. I hate to laugh.”

I mean, what could I possibly say to that? And honestly lady, do I look like an f-ing tourist to you? Granted, I wasn’t wearing a suit, but I was nicely dressed. It wasn’t like I was walking around in an I <3 NY shirt looking at all the tall buildings. I'm hear for business! I think I caught the lady off guard though. I kept walking, but I heard her say "I-I'm sorry, sir." as I continued my way to look at action figures or something.

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