With our upcoming move, I knew I needed to get rid of some shit. I made plans to do away with my comics (although I haven’t done anything with them after I took pictures of the books), and there’s still a few other things that I don’t need that I can get rid of before I’m forced to relocate them to a different closet. Clothes can be given away to the local Goodwill Store along with books. Then there’s DVDs. Now, I’m not getting rid of my DVD collection. No way in hell. However there are a few clunkers in there that I know I’ll never ever watch again. So what to do with them?

swapadvd_logo_mThat’s where the Internet comes in! I’ve been an active trader on Bullet Point Review, but that’s a small group so I’ve sort of run out of trading to do. I could sell them on a site like SecondSpin or ebay, but I’d make next to nothing on each DVD. Then I tried out SwapADVD.com. I signed up for this site some time last year, but I thought it was a bit of a scam. It just seemed a little off, you know? That doesn’t seem to be the case.

The way the site works is like a big marketplace. I put up DVDs that I don’t want anymore. Then someone else sees them and asks for one of them. They request it through the site and then I agree to send it over to them. The site creates a wrapper that I can print up and put the DVD in. So there’s no need to gather boxes or anything like that because everything’s taken care of between two sheets of printer paper. I ship the DVD out and once it’s received, I get a credit (one per disc) which I can then use to order a DVD from anyone else on the site. And the saga continues.

Sounds pretty good, right? After I got over my initial skepticism, I put my entire trade list up there and quickly got some requests. I sent out about 10 DVDs and most of them have been received. With those credits I’ve ordered DVDs that I actually want to see and now they’re starting to roll in. Pretty damn cool.

Plus, the site has this automatic wish list ordering system. See, I add DVDs to my wish list that I want to receive. Then, once someone adds it to the site it automatically requests it for me since it’s on my list. This is done on a first come first serve basis. Basically you get in line for the DVD. I’ve already got a few DVDs using this service because lots of times a user might not have enough credits for a DVD so they get passed over for someone else in line that does.

So if you’ve got DVDs laying around that you know you won’t use anymore, give the site a whirl. If you do, sign up with this link so I get a credit for it too! It’s not a big pyramid scheme though. I would just get credit for a sign up, not anyone else that you sign up. This has helped me bring my trade pile down a lot over the past week or so. Of course, my To Watch pile is growing by about the same amount, but that’s not the same to me. Somehow I can ignore that pile.

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