And just like that, the search for a new apartment has ended. I received a call from the landlord this afternoon explaining that the other tennent that was interested in the apartment never responded to her calls and emails, so she’s just taking our application instead. Good deal. We’ll be moving across the complex in mid July…

…Which is right after we get back from our road trip. July is proving to be a busy month with two weddings, a road trip and now the move. Lots of stuff going on. I’m still holding firm on the move-in date though. The way I see it we can start packing now, gathering boxes from wherever we can and packing up stuff that we don’t use on a day-to-day basis. Then I’ll see about getting the keys to the apartment in early July, before we leave for our trip and making a few stops over there to drop off things.

The “official” move-in date is July 15th, which is a Wednesday, so I figure we can make some trips on the Sunday before and then every day when we get home from work. Then we move whatever is left that weekend and be out of the current apartment entirely by then. So that gives Anthony plenty of time to move into the bigger room and whomever he gets for a new roommate to move in on or around August 1st. Hooray!

Monica is incredibly excited as she already drew up a layout with our stuff everywhere in the new place. I’m glad she can use it and I’m looking forward to moving into this new place and walking up one less flight of stairs every day.

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