I spend at least a few minutes each day just looking at my DVD collection. I like it and I think it’s impressive, especially since I’ve converted a majority of the cases into slimpaks. It just looks cool. Unfortunately all the space I saved with the slimpak cases started adding up and the DVDs started falling over a little and just looking sloppy.

So, this weekend Monica and I got to organizing a little bit. We went through and condensed some of the shelves and ended up freeing up four compartments in each shelf. This is a huge deal because there was a time before my slimpak days when I couldn’t fit another DVD on these shelves if I tried. Now I’ve got all this space. So what did I do with it?

I filled it with nerd stuff!

DVD Shelf 1

DVD Shelf 2

The middle four shelves are open along with the entire middle shelf which is too short for me to put DVDs on.

And here’s my TV shelf just for good measure.

TV Shelf

Larger images can be found on Flickr. This isn’t even all of them either. These are just the DVDs that I’ve watched. This doesn’t include the 350+ that are unwatched and on a separate shelf in the bedroom. I’ll get through those one day…one day.

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