(Yeah, this is the second post in about a week that’s going to deal with going to the bathroom. What? Did you think this was a classy website?)

Apparently I’ve lost some weight in recent months. I don’t know how or why since I’ve done less exercise lately than I have in the past. I’ve received comments from both my Mom and Monica saying that I look thinner but I didn’t think anything of it. Then my clothes started not fitting. I don’t know if they always didn’t fit or if someone just switched out my button down shirts for table cloths, but these things are baggy. I’ve gone through a few of my shirts and will probably end up just giving them away because I look like I’m swimming in them. There are a few that fit but because I’m skinny, it’s hard to find these. The shirt might fit in the sleeves, but I end up with this big excess shirt around my waist so it’s like I’ve got this poofy shirt thing going on.

Then there’s the pants. I have to wear a belt? I’ve always been a firm believer of not wearing belts unless I had to. What’s the point in wearing one if my pants fit? It’s just one more step in the process when I have to go to the bathroom. But now I have to wear a belt for some of my pants. I’ve found that most of them are size 32 waist which seems to be way too big and thus the need for the belt. I’ve owned belts and I’m wearing one now, but I still feel odd with it, especially when it comes to going to the bathroom. I don’t remove the belt when I have to pee. Instead I just unzip the fly and get going. This frees up my hands though and I don’t know what to do with them. Before I’d be holding my pants up, but now I could check my nails or read a newspaper or play video games or something because the pee is being taken care of by gravity and my pants aren’t going anywhere.

I think I just need to find some new clothes and make sure they fit. My days of shopping at the Goodwill store might be over.

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