Last night Monica and I made the trek over to the town of my high school alma mater, Washingtonville. The purpose of our visit was to see the Neon Gloworms perform at Joey’s Cafe again. This is where we saw them play the first time back in November and that was an awesome show so we were looking forward to more of the same. I was also looking to try to film some more songs of theirs in an effort to create a music video. Since I’m still working out this whole film thing, I think this would be a great project. Unfortunately, the lighting just wasn’t conducive to film. That didn’t stop the band from giving a kickass show though. Plus there were three new songs that I hadn’t heard before, so that was pretty cool.

Even though I thought the band sounded great, the most interesting part of the evening came from a random passerby. I’m going to do my best to describe him here, but this guy was more of a mystery than anything else. He wasn’t a mystery because he was the only black dude there. He was an enigma because of his strange mannerisms that were not unlike that of a Terminator.

terminatorSee, during the middle of one of the songs this guy walks into Joey’s in a sort of straight march. He makes his way into the middle of the place where people are dancing and stops right in front of someone who is grooving. Then he unzips his leather jacket and stands there for a moment longer. It was at this point that I thought that he was going to start a fight. He looked completely serious and was all business. Instead the guy that he stopped in front of saw him and just sort of moved over and then Terminator walked on by and out the back door. I figured this was the end of it, but then he came back for part two.

A bit later on, he walks back in and makes his way through the crowd. He walks with his head down, like he’s making sure his feet touch the ground. Whenever his path crosses that of a fan enjoying the show, he comes to a complete stop and stands there until the person moves. On one occasion, he actually puts his arm out and sort of moves the person out of the way. Again, I feared the worst, thinking this guy was just going to start throwing punches and the cops would barge in or something. And again, he just walked on by.

Throughout the rest of the show, I noticed our robotic friend outside a few times. He seemed to just be hanging out in front of Joey’s, talking to a couple people on occasion. I didn’t think much more of it and he didn’t come back in (although he tried once and was stopped by the owner).

The rest of the show went on and it was pretty damn awesome aside from this one other guy who kept chiming in to the songs with this rattle keychain thing. It was kind of cool the first time he did it, but he just kept doing it and it got really annoying. We get it. You’ve got keys and they make noise. You’re not part of the band. There’s a difference between audience participation and being an asshole. Guess which one you are.

Anyway, the show ended and we make our way out back to hang out for a bit. That’s when I notice the Terminator once more. This time he had climbed on top of a fire escape for the building next door. He was striking poses up there and generally looking like a badass. He was standing tall at one point and then at another he crouched down like he was ready to strike out against John Connor at any moment. I got the sense of a super hero surveying the land before him, looking for his time to strike at his foe. He eventually came down and made a beeline for the cops that were sitting in the parking lot. We came to the conclusion that he was definitely on something after we heard that he had run through the parking lot earlier attempting to fly. At least he didn’t try to do that while he was up on that fire escape (although that would have made one awesome ending to this story.)

Wherever you are, Mr. Terminator, I hope that you’re doing well and that you can save the future from certain destruction.

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