So Monica and I were invited to a wedding…or two weddings actually, down south. My friends from high school, Jess and Dave are getting married…again. See, they got married like a year ago, but they did it on their lunch break much to the dismay of their parents. So they’re throwing some real weddings this year and they invited us as guests. We can’t get to the first wedding or the “boring” one as they called it because it’s in late June and we just can’t work it out in our schedule. Monica and I can however make it to the “fun” wedding which is on the fourth of July. According to them it’s basically going to be a kegger in the back yard in Georgia. Yee-haw mother fuckers.

We were originally planning on taking off the week before the wedding and driving down to hit a bunch of places. Yes, we’re planning on driving. Why fly when we’d just go down there for the weekend and it would still be a bunch of money? This way we’d do a real road trip and stop at some touristy places along the way. Monica couldn’t take that week off though and things looked dire. Fortunately, she could take the following week off. So now the plan is that we’re going to drive (relatively) straight down to Georgia, getting there the night before the wedding. Then on the way back we’ll hit a few places. Here’s our tentative itinerary:

July 2nd – Head out that night. Drive for 5 or so hours.
July 3rd – Drive a bunch more and get to Georgia.
July 4th – Party.
July 5th – Head over to Raleigh, NC to visit some of my family
July 6th – More time with family.
July 7th – Head out to Virginia Beach, lay in the sun. I’ll burn accordingly.
July 8th – I’ll apply large quantities of sunscreen and not touch anything at the beach.
July 9th – Head over to DC and do some touristy things. Hang out with Obama.
July 10th – More DC. Hang out with Stewie and probably hit up some museums.
July 11th – Head through Philly, visit Kara and Finn and then maybe return home.
July 12th – Unpack and relax.

And then back to work on the 13th. That’s the general plan (I think). We still have a few details to work out, like hotels and what places we want to see in each city, but I’m looking forward to it. We’re going to alternate driving and we’ve got a GPS so we should be OK. Plus we’re taking my car which is in pretty good shape. I’ll try and blog on the way too so I’ll keep things updated here as we trek into the south.

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