Monica and I have been slowly working our way through The X-Files. We ramped up the viewing a few weeks ago and plowed through the seventh season. There’s going to be some spoilers here, so beware.


I thought that the end of season 7 was actually a rather fitting end to the series. Mulder has been abducted by aliens and Scully is pregnant. We don’t know why either event has happened, but it doesn’t matter. That fits with the rest of the show and the lives of the characters up until that point. Think about that for a second. What would be a better end to Mulder’s story? A guy that’s obsessed with finding the truth about aliens being abducted himself? Perfect. And Scully, who has suffered so many personal losses throughout the past seven years to finally conceive a child even though she thought she could never do it. It leaves us with just enough mystery to keep us interested and pondering the “What if?” of the characters.

Of course, that isn’t how it happened at all. Instead, the show’s creators decided to drag The X-Files through the dirt and try to milk it for every last penny. David Duchovny actually left the show for a few months so to replace Mulder while he was out in space we got Robert Patrick, the T-1000 as no-nonsense Special Agent John Doggett. There was some role reversal in here too. Doggett became the skeptical one and Scully tried desperately to pick up the Creepy mantle left vacant by Mulder. This was a huge and complete failure. It just didn’t work. Mulder brought some much needed comedic relief to the show and that seemed to go with him. Doggett rarely even cracks a smile and Scully has always been a stick in the mud so now you’ve got two serious people trying to solve cases that involve the paranormal that neither of them really believe in. Oh, and Scully gets crazy pregnant.

But that’s not all! Things get even worse when the season ends. Sure, Scully pops out a kid and it appears normal plus Mulder comes back to do absolutely nothing. That brings some unneeded closure to their characters. The real injustice is the psuedo-X-Files spin-off within itself that the writers tried to pull. Basically the end of this season introduces Special Agent Monica Reyes who can sort of see dead people or something. They set it up so that the ninth season will begin with Doggett and Reyes on the X-Files. Are you serious? We just spent 7 years with Mulder and Scully as the faces of the X-Files and this past year has been crap and now you want to bring in two completely new characters whom we don’t give a shit about and expect me to watch this show? Goddamn.

Needless to say, the viewing of the ninth season has been pretty slow going. I think we started it like two weeks ago and we’ve barely finished the first disc. It’s pretty bad and it looks like the budget has been cut severely. More on that later though.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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