I meant to write an article about last week’s episode but I forgot so now I’m diving into this week’s “New Boss.” Michael is in the middle of preparing the festivities for his 15th Anniversary celebration when he’s interrupted by Charles, the replacement for Jan and Ryan’s position who actually wants to do work like a normal person. A huge conflict follows and some surprises round out the episode. This left me with a lot to talk about.

OK. So understandably, the new boss comes in to set a few things straight and to observe Michael’s branch. This is totally within the realm of normalcy. Unfortunately, normal has nothing to do with the Scranton branch. Michael bitches and complains that he doesn’t need supervision after Charles orders lunch for everyone and shuts down his party planning. Oh, and Jim is wearing a tux.

This episode held a few moments of enlightenment for our characters, specifically Jim and Michael. Jim came into the office wearing a tux (which took him 40 minutes to prepare!) to mess with Dwight after a stupid memo went out about adhering to the dress code. Hilarious episode intro aside, Jim is left with egg on his face when Charles shows up and he looks like a tool. Great way to impress the new boss! I think he fell back into the routine of regularly messing with Dwight after he returned from his voyage to the other branch, but now he’s realizing that he’s got to grow up a little bit once more. He’s getting married. He’s got a mortgage to pay. He can’t get Dunder-Mifflin to take him seriously when he’s still playing pranks on Dwight.

Michael had the biggie though and I’m not sure how I feel about it. So after Charles put the kibosh to his classy party featuring a cupcake within a cake, Michael basically throws a temper tantrum and drives up to New York to talk complain to David (the guy above Charles). As Michael was sitting there pouting and running off a ridiculous list of demands, I thought to myself “There’s no possible way that he can walk out of there and still have a job.” There’s no way. Between the crap last week and now this, it’s just too ridiculous. Who cares if his branch is doing well? He’s obviously an immature delinquent regardless of how long he’s lasted in the company. Then, somehow David agrees to throw the party for Michael, even though they’re trying to cut budgets and layoffs are happening and whatnot. He even offers to attend the party! Then what happens? Michael up and quits! What. The. Fuck. This doesn’t make a bit of sense. Last week Michael was ready to have Dwight fall on his sword and take a bullet so that he (Michael) wouldn’t lose his precious job that he loves so much and now after he gets what he wants, he quits? What the hell? This doesn’t make any damn sense.

Granted, I can see what they’re trying to do. The end of the British version of The Office where David Brent is unemployed is probably the last bit of that show that hasn’t been copied in the American version. But to do it like this just feels cheap and worthless. There are a million other ways this could have gone down and somehow the writers picked the one that makes the least sense. What?

What did you think? Is Michael justified? How high will he soar? What will happen to the Scranton branch? Will Jim takeover or will Dwight rule with an iron fist? And will Charles decide on Kelly or Angela?

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