Another week, another episode of Dollhouse. I’ve been seeing some mixed reviews about this series, but I don’t see what the problem is. I’m digging what’s been laid out for us so far and this episode wasn’t bad either. I don’t think I liked it as much as the previous one, but “Stage Fright” still delivered.

So this time we’ve got Echo as a double personality. She’s a backup singer for pop sensation Raina, but she also wants to protect her from crazed super-fans. Cue the dance numbers. While Echo is doing this, Agent Ballard is stumbling along following the breadcrumbs that the higher-ups at the Dollhouse have left for him to find. More on that momentarily.

Let’s take a look at Echo’s assignment this week. Dr. Saunders didn’t clear her for such a mission, but she was put out there anyway. So does the Dollhouse have such a low regard for human life or just the lives of their Actives? Or are there just not that many Actives to go around after Alpha went through and slashed a bunch of them up? I think it’s interesting that of all the people in this episode (and the previous one for that matter), Echo seems to be the one that’s the most normal of the bunch. Last week we had a hunter playing at his own version of the most dangerous game and this week we had a crazy pop singer who wanted to die to please her fans. After this we’re supposed to think that Echo is the one that’s had her brain scrambled? I like what they’ve done in that aspect because I went into the show thinking one thing and now I’m thinking another. The world is a messed up place.

tahmohNow onto Ballard. It seems that the Russian guy that Ballard thought would definitely lead him to the Dollhouse is…a member of the Dollhouse! This really weakens Ballard as a character in my opinion. He’s just been doing exactly what the Dollhouse wants him to do and as a result, he’ll never add much to the show. We’ll see if Alpha can change that though in the coming weeks.

Speaking of Alpha, he was heard and not seen in this episode. We weren’t given any other information on him, but there has been some news as to who might be playing Alpha. Nothing definite yet, but Monica and I sort of ruled out most of the male cast from Firefly based on body type and prior engagements. I would have loved to see Alan Tudyk in there though. I like the rumor that he’s someone we’ve already seen. After this week’s reveal of the Russian guy as an Active, I have no idea who it might be. At this point it could be almost anyone we’ve seen in the past three episodes. Alpha is essentially Jarod from The Pretender now, so he’s able to blend into any surrounding.

So what did you think? Did Eliza Dushku do a decent job belting out tunes as a backup singer? Why do #1 fans always want to kill their heroes? What’s going on between Dr. Saunders and Langton? And what the hell is the Attic?

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