The alarm clock sounds at 6 AM. There’s no time for Mulder and Scully this morning. I’ve got a train to catch. I’m up and in the shower moments later and after I have a quick bowl of cereal, I’m out the door by 6:45. I walk down to the train station to catch the 7:12 express train. As I’m buying my ticket, a train comes in and seems to be an even quicker one. I manage to get my receipt and hop on the train just before the doors close. Earlier train. Woo!

I read The Stand on the ride down. The guy sitting next to me asks me to wake him up at the 125th Street stop. Fortunately he’s awake when we get there so I don’t have to yell or shake him or anything. The rest of the ride in is easy. I end up getting to Grand Central around 7:40. I’m due at this panel downtown at 8:30, so I’ve got some time to kill. I sit in the dining concourse and read for about 15 minutes before getting on my way.

After a couple more trains, I get to the Rubicon Project office. I make my way upstairs and meet up with former boss Josh. We chit chat for a little while and he introduces me to a couple people. I also meet David from who used to be our rep but got promoted or something. David introduces me to a colleague and we talk for a little while. When said colleague steps away, David shakes my hand and comes in close to tell me that my fly is down.

Let’s recap this for a second. It’s about 8:45. I left the apartment two hours ago and I’ve yet to go to the bathroom. That means that during the walk down to the train station, the entire train ride over here, the reading in Grand Central, the subway rides downtown, and the 15 minutes in the crowded room filled with other people in the interactive space, my fly was down. Awesome. Nothing like making an impression, huh? I blame the pants. They have this extra button and I have to wear a belt with them. By the time I get the two buttons taken care of and the belt fastened, I forget all about the zipper.

The panel begins and the place is packed. I’m sitting towards the back so it’s a little hard to hear what some of the people are saying. Most of it got through though. Basically, stuff needs to change. The discussion runs a little long, ending around 10:30. I grab another muffin (there was a lot of great food there) and say goodbye to Josh and head out.

I had written down where I needed to go next, but I couldn’t find the right subway. It’s so fucking cold out that I can’t even concentrate enough to look at the subway map to find where I need to go. Feeling frustrated, I just hop on another train that I knew would take me up to Times Square. From there I hop on the correct train and get down to Wall Street.

I’m still about an hour early for my lunch down here, so I call up Bill and he gives me directions to his office. I went to high school with Bill and haven’t seen him in at least 4 years if not more. We head over to a nearby Starbucks and chat over some hot chocolate. After we had warmed up enough, Bill offers to walk with me to the restaurant where my lunch will be held. We start walking, but end up getting lost. We decide to just get a cab and have the driver figure it out, then in an episode that would be right out of some sort of reverse racial stereotype joke, we can’t get a cab. After what felt like forever, one finally pulls over and we hop in just before we freeze to death. I tell the driver the address and then he has a tough time finding it too. Of course. Eventually, we make it to Beckett’s Bar and Grill in the Financial District. I bid farewell to Bill and head inside just as Rob enters the restaurant too.

We meet Carrie from Travel Ad Network upstairs and talk before getting our food. I got a Dublin Burger which consisted of a hamburger, Irish Bacon (which was very similar to Canadian Bacon), cheddar and “crispy leeks.” It was awesome.

After lunch, Rob and I trekked through the Financial District to find his car. We eventually locate it and drive uptown to the Lifetime Networks where we meet Alex and talk for a bit. After our brief meeting, Rob and I part ways and I head to the subway.

I had a plan here. It was 3:45 and there’s a train leaving at 4:15 to go to Tarrytown from Grand Central. I have just enough time to get to Grand Central from here and then make a quick stop at Midtown Comics to pick up the latest issue of 100 Bullets. Sounds perfect and I have plenty of time.

And then the first train is late. The subway that would take me to Times Square ends up arriving at like 3:55. This is going to be close. The S train takes me to Grand Central and it’s 4:05. I pass by a Departures screen and make note of the track that my train is on. It’s on Track 27, right next to the exit I run out of to go to Midtown Comics. I don’t run persay, but I do walk very quickly. I make it down the block to the store and then I can’t find the issue. Time is running out and I can’t find it! I ask an employee to help but he doesn’t see it either. As he goes to check the back issue bins, which could take forever, I find it there on the bottom shelf, its cover partially obscured by another title. I run up to the register, pay for the book and I’m out of there without a bag or my penny for change. This is going to be close. I hoof it back to Grand Central with minutes remaining. I really have to pee, but do I have enough time? Fuck it, there’s bound to be a bathroom on the train. I make it on board with about a minute to spare and locate the bathroom. The business is taken care of just as the doors close. Phew.

I read some more on the train ride back. There’s no one for me to wake up this time. I get back around 5 and walk back up the hill to the apartment. I was thinking about exercise today, but I definitely had enough. I get back inside and update the blog and whatnot.

Monica gets home a little while later. We catch up on The Office and Life, both episodes that we missed earlier this week, then watch the new episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. Both of them were spectacular. Great stuff on both episodes.

I do some more reading and I’m asleep by 11. Long day.

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