I’m awake around 9. It feels so great to sleep in. The plan today is to do a little shopping. I had gone out around 8 AM last year to pick up a couple things, but I didn’t see anything about early openings of stores this year. Apparently I was looking in the wrong place though because Monica found some info in about 2 seconds right on Yahoo. Oh well.

After a few episodes of Friends we shower and head out around 11. The mall is already crowded. We’ve got a couple things that we need to pick up including shoes for me and a dress for Monica since we’re going to a cocktail party for New Year’s. We look around a few places, but neither of us find what we’re looking for.

As we pass a shoe store that I’ve never looked twice at, Monica pulls me in and makes me look around. Surprisingly, I find several affordable shoes that I’m interested in. After checking out a few, I find a great pair for only $20! Good deal. I change into the new shoes and toss the old ones in a nearby trashcan. So long hurty shoes.

Monica continues to search for a dress, but is unable to find one. She did find a few pairs of pants in one of the many stores that look like they’re going out of business in the mall. That’s a little sad. The place is going to look like a ghost town in a month or so.

We’re both feeling tired and a little hungry so we decide to take a quick break. I wait in line at Wendy’s for awhile and get a small meal that Monica and I split. We sit and examine the strange and apparently really old carousel that sits in the food court. We don’t really feel up to doing much more mall walking so we head out.

Monica is not in the mood for baiting the many people driving around looking for parking spots so she makes a beeline for the car. I on the other hand will not waste such an opportunity. I make my way down the lane that’s two off from where I’m actually parked. It’s not long before I catch an onlooker. This girl actually rolls down her window and asks if I’m leaving. I answer truthfully. I am indeed leaving. She says “Yes!” and does one of those fist pump things. Then I promptly dart across two lanes to where I’m actually parked. Oh man, I love doing this so much.

Monica and I make our way back to the apartment and hang out. We don’t really have anything else planned so we just veg out and watch some more Friends. We end up watching the rest of the fourth season and start up the fifth season. We’re flying through this show and I think Phoebe is my least favorite character, although Rachel is catching up quickly.

We get to bed around midnight.

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