I wake up around 8 AM and it’s Christmas. Monica gets up and heads downstairs, but informs me that since I don’t really have any presents here that I can sleep in. Woo!

I rest for a little while before getting up and checking some stuff online. Having nothing else to do, I head downstairs to join Monica’s family. They were just sitting down to open presents. I grab a seat and hang out for a bit. Monica gives me another present. This one is a mug like that of a recent episode of The Office.


Yeah, that’s right. It’s a mug with my face on it, looking incredibly smarmy. So awesome. The rest of the presents are given out and everyone seems to like they’re stuff. I take a quick shower and then Monica and I get ready to leave.

Monica had the bright idea to bring a large suitcase with us to transport gifts. I was against the idea, mainly because I’d be the one lugging this thing around. She packed the suitcase full of the stuff we got here and we were off.

We head back to my parents’ house and get there around noon. There are presents waiting for us and we exchange more gifts. My brother gave me this really cool personalized DVD Superhero Spotlight. He sent in some pictures of me and some info and they dropped it into this superhero origin story. I’ll have a clip soon and I’ll post it up here when I get it. It’s incredibly cheesy but really fun. Other gifts included a Rubik’s Cube (hopefully this one won’t be destroyed when colliding with my brother’s face), some clothes and movie decorations.

Everyone sits down for a great brunch that my Mom prepared, then we all get ready to head down to my Aunt’s house in Westchester. We load up the car and Christa comes down with Monica and I.

We get there a little after 3 and my parents aren’t far behind. Everyone says hello to everyone else and we chit chat for a little while. We usually break up into these little cliques during family functions and this one is no different. Some good conversations are had though.

Dinner is served around 6 and everything was delicious. Feeling stuffed, we all sit down to open gifts. The present opening is very different between my family and Monica’s family. Here, everyone gets all their gifts and just tears into them right away so there’s like 20 minutes of chaos as wrapping paper is shredded and thrown into the air. Then we relax. Meanwhile, at Monica’s it’s very orderly and people take turns. So one person gets a gift and everyone else watches them open it and then comments on it. It makes me feel really self-conscious when I get a present because everyone’s watching me.

We hang out for a bit longer before heading home with all our loot. It takes a few trips to bring everything upstairs, but it makes it up there. Monica and I organize our stuff and start putting some of it to way and/or to use. We watch It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie which turns out to be a very fun movie. Afterwards, we relax and just veg out for a bit. I try my luck with my new Rubik’s Cube, following the directions to solve it that came with it. Unfortunately, I mess up the last step and the entire cube gets borked up. Feeling frustrated, I go to bed shortly after midnight.

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