I wake up around 7:30 or so. Monica and I lounge around in bed for a little while and watch a couple episodes of Friends. We get up after a bit and exchange gifts. I gave her a laptop desk thing, that consists of a flat plastic desktop with a cushion attached underneath. It’s portable and she can use it wherever she wants. She got me a tripod for my camera. Now I’m another step closer to actually filming something.

We hang out and watch some more Friends before getting ready. After a quick breakfast, we head out around 12:30 with presents in hand.

We venture north and make pretty good time until we get near Monroe. Then we get stuck in traffic for almost an hour. The sounds of Ricky Gervais’ laughter kept us entertained during this time as we listened to a couple of his podcasts. We finally make it out and make a quick stop at my parents’ house to drop off some presents and say hello.

We then continue north to New Paltz, stopping at the former Eckerd / current Rite-Aid to pick up a couple last minute things and say hello to some former co-workers. With the necessities acquired, we head over to Monica’s parents’ house for Christmas Eve.

We’re the first ones there and just hang out for a bit. I putz around on the computer for awhile before guests start arriving. The house quickly fills up as more family arrives. Lots of conversation is had and we have a pretty good time.

We eat around 8 and presents are opened shortly thereafter. Everyone leaves around 11 or so and I’m ready to just pass out. Let Santa come already! I get to bed and I’m out by 11:30.

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