The alarm clock in my phone plays it’s strange jingle at 4:30 AM and I’m awake and in my parents’ house. I feel like I just got to sleep though. The grogginess and stiffness slowly give way to excitement as the adrenaline kicks in. It’s Black Friday and it’s still dark outside. Time to buy some DVDs. Oh, and some gifts and stuff too.

Monica and I head out around 4:45. We make the following video on the way.

We arrive in Middletown just after 5. Most of the stores have just opened including our first stop, Circuit City. There’s a line out the door and along the sidewalk. It seems that they’re only letting a handful of people in at a time. While we’re cold outside, this is a good move. We were stuck in the store for about 2 hours a couple years ago due to poor line management. It was near impossible to move and I wanted to punch something by the time we got out.

Fortunately, the line was moving and the people nearby were friendly. There’s a strange comradery this early in the morning on Black Friday. It’s like everyone just understands that we’re all in this together so there’s a bit of cheer throughout the entire group. Monica and I kept ourselves entertained while the line moved. Kushal actually gave me a call while we were waiting. It seems that he was on his way to do some shopping in Boston and wanted to check in with us. Kushal accompanied Monica and I during our first Black Friday trip four years ago. I also spotted this display for Christmas decorations outside of the Price Chopper while waiting in line.

Teehee. Kissing Balls.

We finally get into the store after waiting for almost 45 minutes. We had originally planned to have Monica stand on line while I run around the store and grab the stuff we wanted. We didn’t have to do this because the lines were rather small. I snatched up a few DVDs, most notably the first season of Mad Men. The trip out today is successful on that alone as that was the one DVD that I absolutely had to have today. I also picked up a few seasons of Friends, completing the series for me, and a handful of movies. I paid and then we were off.

Our next stop was across the street at Kohl’s. We were looking for one thing and found it. Unfortunately the line was wrapped completely around the store which had been opened for 2 hours now. Screw that. We’ll find it elsewhere. We run out of Kohl’s and hit up Staples real quick. We find something there and then head around the corner to Wal-Mart which has always been a good stop for me in Black Fridays past. They had some $2 DVDs, but most of them were the $3 DVDs that I picked up last year. I found a few that I’d buy, but nothing I had to have and certainly nothing that I wanted to wait in line for. Feeling slightly discouraged, we left Wal-Mart without anyone being trampled.

The next stop was Best Buy. I grabbed a few more movies and some more TV season sets including the last season of Seinfeld, the second season of Prison Break and the third season of House. Not a bad haul. We make it out of the store pretty quickly and then head into the mall.

I grab seasons 5 and 6 of Monk at Target. They had some cheap movies that I was interested in, but they only had the full screen editions. No thanks. Monica and I pick up a couple other things and then make a quick swing through the mall. A stop in Borders turns up some pretty good finds including She’s Having a Baby, Mommie Dearest and the first season of Dexter.

We completed our trip with Borders and then head out. By this point I was starving since I had nothing to eat all day but some water and a piece of gum. It was 9 AM and here’s a recap video.

Monica and I head over to the Monroe Diner for our traditional post-Black Friday shopping breakfast. My alertness was dying down by the time I finished my cheese omelette. As a result, I was ready to pass out by the time we got back to my parents’ house. We nap for a few hours.

We get up around 1 or 2. I play some Super Mario 64 to kill time. Some leftovers are had for a late lunch. Monica and I watch a couple episodes of X-Files and then head over to Joey’s Cafe in Washingtonville to see the Neon Glow Worms play.

The band went on at around 9 or so. I had found a crappy YouTube video of a song by them but that did not do the band justice. Holy crap. These guys are awesome. They played a few songs and the small cafe was pumping. People got really into it. I brought my camera and managed to record one of the songs. Unfortunately due to poor lighting, you can’t really tell what’s going on. The audio’s pretty good though.

The first set was followed by a pretty crappy comedian. I use the term loosely because the guy was anything but funny. After his 20 minutes of audio torture which included playing with the band’s keyboard and attempting to sing a song about cat AIDS, the Neon Glow Worms returned for some more tunes. The second set was even better than the first with some songs that shook the entire building. I again recorded a song, but the same thing happened with the lighting.

Sounds awesome though. After they finished their set, Monica and I said goodbye to Tim (the bassist) and Dara. We’ll be in touch to hang out again and I’ll definitely want to check the band out again too. We head back to the house and pass out.

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