So lots of stuff happened in the past two weeks for our Office co-workers. Let’s take a look at some of the major things here though.

So with Holly’s unfortunate transfer, the logical thing to happen would be the return of Toby. Somehow Michael went a full week without notices the guy was back. His reaction to this horrible truth was perfect though. Just a full fledged scream of “NO!” held for as long as the camera could take it. Poor Toby. He was really put through the ringer here. Sure, he went to Costa Rica, but aside from the fact that he wasn’t working there really wasn’t much to be excited about what with his injuries and all. Then he comes back and Ryan and Kelly are making out in the next cube and no one cares about his pictures and Michael and Dwight try and frame him for having an illegal salad in his desk. The guy should take some anger lessons from Andy. Let’s see some rage or at least a backbone out of you, Toby!

Toby’s Eeyore-like return to the show aside, can we talk about Ryan for a second? What an incredibly creepy, yet totally awesome character he’s become. It’s like he’s figured out how to totally manipulate his way back into the office and now he’s got some sort of scheme to get out again (Thailand with folks from a high school?). I almost feel bad for Kelly, but she sort of brings it on herself. She should make friends with Michael and then talk about boys or whatever. Staying on Ryan for a bit longer, Pam’s response to him about the microwave cleaning was perfect. “I guess that’s why we have a temp.” Awesome.

Speaking of Pam, her whole current plot line just doesn’t sit well with me. So she fails out of art school and just like that she’s back to Scranton. It’s like the writers realized how painful it was to watch Jim and Pam apart and how much we wanted them back together so they just dropped the New York plot like some wicked shag carpeting. In just an episode Pam went from a strong woman seeking independence to a complete pushover willing to hang out in mediocrity. I totally understand the whole wanting to be near Jim thing, but she had this chance to really make something of herself and just gave up on it.

Now to the house situation. While the idea, in premise, of buying a house is a great idea. I don’t buy the fact that Pam was totally and completely OK with it. My fiancee was sitting next to me when Jim was showing the house to Pam and she said something along the lines of “If you did that, I’d kill you.” Buying a house is a big deal and to just do it without consulting her seems like an insult. Granted, he made an art studio for her, but come on. I’m worried that Pam might have some deep down resentment as a result of the New York thing coupled with the house thing, but that’s probably just me looking into this too much.

So where to now? Michael’s still shook up from Holly’s departure and it doesn’t look like he’s going to turn around any time soon. Ryan seems to be heading off to be a slimeball elsewhere, leaving Kelly in a crumpled up mess of emotion…like she always is. Pam and Jim are together. Creed throws stuff into the quarry. Sure, sounds mostly right. What do you think?

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